Hello Sailor!

Birthdays usually equal gifts and whilst I don't expect them, I'm always thrilled to receive something especially when it's as cute as this sailor top. Given to me by my Sister, it's from the H! by Henry Holland range at Debenhams - I have a silly amount of stuff from this range already, I really adore all the designs. Knowing me only too well, she chose perfectly seeing as I'm all about the nautical.

Probably not helped by living, albeit briefly, in arguably the ultimate coastal town - I'm talking about Penzance, of course -my nautical inspired dress sense has only become more out of control. Even when we visited recently I managed to pick up an awesome anchor clad vintage bag and the most adorable red sailing boat pin brooch from a fabulous vintage store in Marazion called Fine & Dandy.

I'm not just crazy about nautical clothing though. I am generally a sea crazed nut. This even extends to me happily watching giant wave videos on youtube for hours - mostly ones being surfed, I'm entranced by that too. So, you see, I really do like to be beside the seaside. I'm an ocean gal through and through.

For now though, until we make our way back down to the waves, sand and dreamy views, I'll make do with traipsing round London looking like I'm a Sailor girl on shore leave. Maybe I'll pick up a few hookers while I'm here......

p.s. please don't judge me on that last 'joke', I'm easily amused today:/

p.p.s. these photos only highlight my critical need for a haircut.