I thought you might like to know of a little development in my work life. I've just embarked on a new, very exciting, internship at a wonderful magazine called Sublime. A cut above the rest, it describes itself at a publication for 'creative thinkers and inquiring minds' - like, hello! How perfectly suited am I to this place?

Take a gander over to their website to get an overview for yourself what they're all about inspiring, they cover every possible angle when it comes to obtaining that not so illusive sustainable lifestyle. Unlike many magazines, which are gender specific, it appeals to men and women alike with some seriously interesting features as well as superb fashion spreads.

In my first week there, I was given this gorgeous signature tote bag made from vintage fabric. So sweet and the perfect size to roll up in my purse - I always carry a bag like this with me to avoid ever having to use plastic and this one is just about as cute as it gets.