Hooked on Instagram - heck, who isn't?!


Before you even say it, I totally realise this is a copycat post - I don't know any blog that hasn't done a 'my week in instagram' installment, so here's my unnecessary offering.

I succumbed to instagram quite a while ago actually (if you follow me on twitter you'll know this already - by the way, i'm @AineCarlin if you do wanna follow...) and have pretty much been hooked for several months now. How very predictable, right? Ach well, it is what it is.

I do love the way it can capture a moment so perfectly and I can't deny it makes life look just that little bit more wonderful. Of course, most of my images are of food - again, yawn - but I can't help it. Some things just need to be immortalised photographically and I sure as hell ain't lugging about my Canon even if I do happen to own a very cute case for it.

What exactly did I instagram then? Starting at the top, it goes a little sumthin' like this.....

1. the best soya latte (greenwich market) and vegan banana cupcake (ruby tuesdays) 2. vintage summer dresses from spitalfields market 3. dinner table all set for our guest 4. incredible sandwich from TROYganic with vegusto vegan cheese and salad. 5. me and the boy - at the behest  of his nibs, I've replaced this with a shot of the sugar free coconut lime polenta/almond cake I baked:) What can I say, he's a shy one!

.....oh yeah, and if you seen the first time I posted the coconut cake photo, that wasn't my instagram one. Duh! My brain is so not working tonight, I dunno....