Spitalfields Summer Dresses!

You'd think I'd be a Spitalfields regular by now seeing as I've been in London on and off for a decade and currently live about a 30minute journey away - for those outside of the Capital, this is considered relatively 'near'. Truth be told though, I've only been to the place a handful of times and have never actually bought anything there. Shock, horror!

However, on my way to work the other day I was running early and decided to pay this famous Market a visit, not planning on spending a penny and ending up with two very sweet vintage dresses that are perfect for the summer.

In fact, I've been on the lookout for dresses like these for quite a long time but haven't had much luck. I've tried etsy, ebay, searched many, many vintage stores/charity shops both here and in Cornwall all to no avail - it would seem vintage summer dresses of this sort are in shortage. So, as soon as I seen this adorable red one and its blue counterpart (I'm sure I'll take a photo of myself in that one too at some point) I couldn't resist and promptly made a double purchase.

I won't deny going in for a bit of hard haggling, which meant I almost got two for the price of one but times are hard and money (my money) is tight. You gotta do whatcha gotta do, right? I'll definitely be back to the guys stall (he was super nice too, facebook page here) at some point in the future anyway so he's made a customer for life - he had way too many cute clothes for me not to return.

What I love most about these dresses are the sleeves. Whatever happened to sleeves? I think sleeves are the biggest downfall in current fashion. They're just not given enough consideration, wouldn't you agree? Nowadays, dresses, for the most part, aren't made for real women with shape - I don't have stick thin arms nor do I have tiny hips. Vintage dresses seem to accommodate my figure so much better than 'modern' dresses - unless you're prepared to spend a small fortune at Anthropologie or some such place and whilst I'd love to have the funds to dress myself from these mid market establishments, that is currently not a reality.

Besides, what is more fun than finding a pre-loved garment and giving it a whole new lease of life. For me, that really is something money cannot buy.