Sublime Online has launched!


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I feel a little bit like a duck on water at the moment - calm on the surface whilst furiously paddling away underneath. Don't get me wrong, it is great (GREAT!) to be busy, although I can't help but feel peasoupeats is suffering as a result. This new work juggling act (assistant one day, blogger the next, intern another) is all very new to me (i was an actor for pete's sake) and I'm still finding my feet - and ways to keep some equilibrium. It's not easy but it's also kinda exhilarating because I reeeaaaalllly don't do well not doing anything. I think the phrase I'm looking for here is 'stir crazy' - too much downtime sends me a little bonkers, as my poor Hubby and Family can testify.

Now though, I can finally reveal what I've been working on and whilst there are still some teething problems, I hope you agree (when you click on the link - CLICK ON THE LINK!) that it's looking pretty impressive (toot toot!). A little something for everyone..... at least that is the aim.

I talked a bit about Sublime here but to break it down for you again, it's a sustainable lifestyle magazine, available bi-monthly either via subscription or in selected shops. It's international, so even if you live outside the UK you should still be able to get your hands on it.

I'm involved with the online side of things and have been working on posts and also finding appropriate contributors - in fact, if you are interested in contributing a little sumpin' sumpin' we're on the lookout for like minded individuals who have a vested interest in all things sustainable. Shoot me an email (address in the about section) and we can talk it through.

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Unsurprisingly my interests lie between food and fashion although I am branching out and writing posts on other topics too. So far, I'm feeling challenged (always a good thing in my book), terrified (you put me in charge? say wha?!) and also somewhat fulfilled (my blog got me this gig - true story).

Please, please, please give me any feedback on what you think of the site (it's the latest section only) - I really value your opinion, I have the best followers ever, so intelligent, savvy and stylish, I totally trust your opinion. We're trying to appeal to a wide spectrum of people, which is tricky but maybe there's something you'd like to see covered. If so, let me know and I shall endeavour to make it happen.

By the way, there is a totally awesome craft post coming your way very soon (via Sublime), which was kindly contributed by the super talented Cariad (she makes stuff, owns a shop in Wales, and is generally all kinds of awesome). Check out her website for an array of pretty gifts, stationary and more...ooh, and like her facebook page too!

Watch THIS space!

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