A Sunny Day In London Town


Heads up! This is somewhat of a photo fest - I might've got a liddle bit trigger happy with the iphone camera, ahem.

Not usually one for checking the weather forecast I had no idea what was coming my way today - SUN, SUN, SUN!!! To my delight the grey skies I woke up to had transformed by lunchtime into the most glorious sunny day in London......gosh darn it but she is one pretty lady in the sunshine.

After finishing work early (woot!) we decided to go for stroll through Charlton House. The sun was high in the sky for most of the evening, which meant one thing had to be done......

....a cold beer by the river.

There isn't a great deal of choice when it comes to pubs round these parts unless we want to go to Greenwich or Blackheath but we found a wonderful little place down by the riverside called The Hope and Anchor. With benches facing the water and an excellent selection of music piping through the outside sound system, what more could you ask for?

Obviously I didn't dress specifically for summer weather (more casual office wear) but luckily all I had to do when I got home was swap my brogues for sandals and et voila, a perfect outfit to take a stroll in. The light cardi came in handy later on though when the sun went in and it was sooooo great to finally get a bit of sun on my pasty skin.

This weather looks set to stick around for the next few days (yippee!) and I'm sure we'll be taking full advantage. I promise not to bombard you with more photos...okay, there may be a few but I'll try my very best to keep them to a minimum, that's the best I can do;)

what i'm wearing.....

bird print top (H! By Henry Holland), navy slacks (bullfrogs), belt (Dunnes Stores), grey cardi (zara), satchel (nica), green sandals (can't remember!), sunnies (boutique in St.Ives), necklace (The Jolly Boat, St.Ives)