Vegan Green Pasta

So. What you need to do is.....

.....get yourself some itty bitty pasta. The kind you put in soups. I found these teeny tube shapes in the 'world food' section of  our local supermarket - funnily enough, not in the Italian bit.

Then, you want to make a paste from just about any herbs hanging around - flat leaf parsley, coriander, basil. Sorta like a pesto 'cept not. No pine nuts necessary but fennel, celery and onion are good components for flavour.

Put it all in a pan, cook it up and bingo, you've got yourself one tasty little supper dish. That easy.

Y'know, I need more simplicity in my kitchen, which is why I've been loving this paste thing so much. I've used it with rice, giant couscous and I plan to use it with other grains. It's a winner.

And I think it's only appropriate that I give credit to the magnificent Ms. Miers. That lady knows food. Big love.


herbs -  flat leaf parsely, coriander, basil etc.

fennel, celery or onion  - some or all

garlic - big clove

lemon or lime juice - a bit

olive oil - glug

salt and pepper

mini pasta shapes - about a cup

1/2 vegetable stock cube

halved cherry tomatoes - a few

cubed basil tofu -  optional


make a paste. lightly fry. add the pasta and stir to coat it. add the stock cube and cover with water.

simmer until all the water is absorbed, add a little more water and continue to simmer until the pasta is fully cooked.

stir through the tomatoes and basil tofu. heat through. season. serve.