Jubilee meets Instagram

What a fabulous weekend it has been. First off my Mama came to visit. Actually that was the total highlight because I miss her - the downside to living in a different country to your family. Luckily my little Sister lives in the flat just below me so we can be homesick together, although, I don't really get homesick so much as famsick - people mean more to me than places.... friday

check out my Hubby's homemade bunting....so cute....he's the best

When she arrived Friday evening we immediately went for some food and cocktails in Spitalfields Market (Las Iguanas), Mum met her Majesty (to be honest, she was a little wooden..ahem) and then we just chilled back at our flat - tea, tea and more tea. It was sooooo nice. I also made a little welcome pack for my Mum, which included lots of goodies I've been given throughout my internships - perks! She loved it, which made me happy.

On the Saturday we went to Putney where all the boats taking part in the Flotilla were to be moored. We ate in Wagamama, did a little shopping and then walked to Hammersmith bridge where we had some drinkies in a nice pub along the river. I snapped a photo of this amazing Harrods warehouse building, which has now been converted into uber posh flats - fancy!


Sunday was flotilla day and whilst it was great soaking up the atmosphere in town, we couldn't see a damn thing so no photies. We enjoyed some cider and snacks in a nice pub near Blackfriars Bridge though and headed into Greenwich to see the tail end of the flotilla but the weather continued to deteriorate so we didn't hang about long. Silly rain.

Being the shopaholics we all are, we couldn't resist a trip to Westfield in Stratford on the Monday. Mum got some really awesome things for her hols and she might've treated me and my Sister to a bag each - spoilt rotten......


dressed for the occasion.....red, white and blue.....jubileeeeeeeeee

Today, Mama had to go back to Ireland, which was hard - we hate seeing her go - so we took our minds off it by taking a trip to the cinema to watch Prometheus. I haven't read any reviews and didn't know what to expect but I really, really enjoyed it. The score was fantastic too. Ridley back to his best in my opinion.

I wore my new Lulu Guinness for Uniqlo cat print tee (purchased yesterday in Westfield) and played with George (he belongs to our neighbours) for a while - I adore that kitty.

And so it's back to porridge tomorrow. Kinda sad but that's life. All in all the Jubilee Weekend was huge success and hopefully a taster of things to come for the Olympics! I might be an Irish girl but that doesn't mean I can't celebrate all things British and 60 years as Head of State is one heck of an achievement so, Ma'am, here's to the next 10 years....


 silly sister face.... and more ma'amite than one can handle....