An Instagram Life

from top left 1. breton stripes 2. vegan fry up 3. penguin 4. bulgar lunch 5. cucumber cooler cocktail 6. purple ruffles 7. mini bar 8. beautiful behinds 9. bulgar and spinach salad

Before I get a heap load of hate mail, let me explain the Zoo photos. I had to attend an event for work, which included free access to the park. Obviously I have conflicting feelings about Zoos and indeed the confinement of wild animals in general. Actually, I'm not conflicted about the confinement bit. I don't like it.

However, the purpose of my visit was to learn about endangered species (beetles and snails to be precise) and the important conservation work ZSL do around the world but specifically with Fregate Island Private. Holy hell, I NEED to visit this place! All I need is a spare eleven grand and I'm off.

How did I feel about the Gorillas and tigers behind glass walls? Well......sad.

But it's not a black and white situation so I try to keep an open mind with regards to the zoo and its conservation work  in general. It's a topic very close to my heart and I'm actually considering taking part in their 'keeper for a day' programme to learn more. As I'm now part of the media (albeit in a very very small way) I can't really boycott these places. Well I could but I'm not sure I want to for too many reasons to go into here. Instead, I want to inform myself from the inside and make my mind up from there.

Sustainability is complicated. But so worth it. I guess I'll just keep plugging away.

More instagram moments? No problemo....

10. nooch topped veggie broth 11. zoological society london 12. double denim - my new fav shirt 13. big ol' pot of veggie pasta broth

enough? enough.