Beach Bum

Okay, so I might not have booked my Holiday yet but that doesn't mean I can't be fully prepared when it eventually happens. You have no idea how long and hard I searched for my perfect bikini - I must've looked at every two piece on the internet at least twice before finally finding settling on this one. Seriously could not be happier with my choice though and I cannot wait to wear it on the beach - GET ME TO THE BEACH!

While I was at it I thought I'd pick up a little sumthin' sumthin' in the Annie Greenabelle sale in the form of this mint button down vest, which is just too cute. And seeing as I like to cover up on the beach, I'm actually going to use it as a semi cover-up, which should look pretty sweet with the polka dot high waisters.

If you're not familiar with ethical clothing brand Annie Greenabelle already then I suggest you familiarise yourself with them pronto. I have my eye on pretty much half the collection but I think I'll have to sell a few more etsy items before I can make any more purchases (Hubbie never impressed with my shopping habit...).

The bikini is from good old ASOS and what can I say other than this was the only bikini that ticked all the required boxes.... pretty print, retro vibe, high waisted pants, halterneck, reasonably priced.

I had actually spied two others in Kaliko but I was late of the mark when they went on sale and my size went in a flash but I'm quite glad now because I definitely prefer this one. I think the Kaliko ones might've been a little safe (black and striped) and whilst I might like to be moderately conservative on the beach, I'm not ready to give up the ghost just yet - there's a few years left in the old bird yet.