A Month of Sundays

from top left....1. favourite summer 'aloha' dress with lemon polka dot blouse tied at waist 2. fruli time in Blackheath 3. dress pockets are made for stashing sweeties (gelatine free) 4. indoor gardening - a man and his plants 5. Blackheath Common in the sun 6. Greenwich tea time (geddit?) 7. early breakfast - toast with pb, sliced banana, cinnamon and nutmeg 8. workday dress - tights in July?9. asos polka dot high waisted bikini and annie greenabelle organic mint vest 10. cocktail time - rum, vodka, pomegrante & lime juice 11. jeans, tee and no make-up day 12. a man and his camera - testing out the new lens 13. back on the sugar wagon - pancake sunday 14. lights, camera, fall back into a makeshift ball pool 15. new 'accidentally vegan' snacks 16. chilling in the park 17. late night hot cocoa 18. lucy's vegan cookies from wholefoods 19. little pan, lotta yum 20. Greenwich Park in all its glory

Not literally a month of Sundays but it's certainly felt like it!