New Trews

Where do I even begin with this post. I feel like I've got an incredible amount of (totally useless) information to include. There's the 'cray cray' cat, the fact I seem to be chanelling Dr.Seuss (clown shoes, bizarro eyeliner, hat clasp) with a nod to Jil Sander (off beat colour block combo) and the location (the side of our house is the not the most glamorous setting). Oh, and not forgetting the bag I'm wearing, which is a gift from my Husband, made by Romanian Shepherds (say wha?). Hubby spent the last week in Romania - Transylvania to be precise - visiting rural villages and learning about their (basic but wonderful) way of life. It transpires that after your Husband has seen people living on the very bare minimum, harping on about your desperate need for more scatter cushions may provoke a rather impassioned (and wholly justified) response. To clarify, we are not in desperate need of more scatter cushions and I had a little reality check coming my way courtesy of Hubby. I conceded that whilst we may not need more scatter cushions, I definitely do want more. Better? Ahem.

Okay, so I'm not that shallow really but I can't help but continually think of ways to make our home prettier. Same with my wardrobe. Recently it's been 'what essential piece of clothing  am I missing?' What is the one article that would complete my thread collection but could give new life to garments that don't yet have a partner to show them off to their best potential? The answer, I believe, lies in these trews (trousers, pants, bottoms, however you like them to be known).

Maybe it really does come down to age but I am so over low slung trousers. I cant bare having that feeling someone may catch an unexpected glimpse of my (usually threadbare) panties. This is not a good look for a 31 year old! Therefore the perfect high waisted pants have become a top priority in my world. Well actually, I already own the perfect pair of high waisted trousers (seen here and here) but I did definitely need (wait, want) an alternative. I'd had my eye on this American Apparel pair for a mammoth amount of time but at 68 quid, they were just beyond my reach price wise (remember, I'm an intern!) so when I noticed they were slashed to half price the other day, it really was a no brainer.

what i'm vest/annie greenabelle  purple high waisted trouser/american apparel  hat hair clasp/v&a museum shop  bag/made by shepherds in Romania  flatform sandals/down to earth(purchased at bullfrogs)

I hadn't actually settled on a colour beforehand so tried on about eight pairs before both myself and my Sister, who accompanied me on this impromptu shopping trip, unanimously agreed on the purple. Turns out Calivintage has the exact same pair, something I noticed yesterday whilst browsing her blog, so I'm in good company it would seem. The grey were also a close contender.....maybe I need (want) a third pair.....hmmm.

Damn, I almost forgot the cat. Her name is Mabel and she is lovely/cray. After these were taken she darted into our flat like a bat out of hell and I later found her in a large pink holdall my Sister and I had out for our mini swishing party - yay for swapping clothes!  She likes to get her claws out though so I had to wait for my Husband to come back from his meeting to coax her home - once she's in, she ain't going nowhere. Underneath her bravado and constant miaowing, she is a real sweetie. Cray. But sweet.