Trip Down Memory Lane

Sometimes it's nice to take a little trip down memory lane and that's exactly what we did on Saturday when we spent the evening in Deptford and New Cross, my old university stomping ground. Kind of the equivalent to a campus, this part of London holds so many memories for me - mostly good, some not so - and it's always nice to revisit to see how the place has changed and developed.

As we made our way from Greenwich to New Cross we stopped off at Greenwich Market for some vintage browsing, chocolate sorbet (Black Vanilla chocolate sorbet!) and photos in doorways by the side of Greenwich park where we could hear the roars from the crowds watching the paralympics. I'm gonna be so sad when all this is over.

After a few beers at The Dog and Bell in Deptford, we got some silly idea into our heads that going out for a bit clubbing might be a good idea. I can now confirm this was not a good idea. Silly, silly, old married couple. Thankfully we came out the other side relatively unscathed.

We did have the foresight to grub up beforehand and in the process discovered an amazing cafe down New Cross way called The London Particular.....they served the best kale I have ever tasted. We shared some sourdough topped with marinated mushrooms too, which was just enough to tide us over until after our disco venture when we scoffed down falafel and chips before  our short bus ride home.

Will we be back in New Cross for another night on the tiles? Probably not. Back for more kale at the particular on a quiet Sunday? Now you're talking.

Ooomph, you know you're ancient when kale excites you more than shots and clubbing.