Canteen Lady Chic

This is my attempt at dinner lady chic - if you've ever watched Victoria Wood's hilarious sitcom, you'll know exactly what I mean. My Husband is always quietly horrified when I wear socks with sandals but that isn't enough to stop me rocking this look with pride.

The dress was a real find and at only £3.50 it blows all my recent vintage bargains out of the water. It was nice to be able to get some wear out of it, especially as I'd accepted summer was over and had eagerly begun transitioning my wardrobe into Autumn. I may have been a wee bit hasty on that one because the weather over the past week has been nothing short of astonishing.

what i'm wearing....vintage dress/red cross charity shop....non-leather sandals/'down to earth' at bullfrogs....socks/topshop....vintage bag/kitts couture....earrings/camden town....

Perfect weather for sorbet, which is how we ended up in Black Vanilla in Blackheath ordering mojito sorbetto after chilling by the pond with some ducks 'n geese. Pretty much the perfect afternoon.