Faux and Fabulous....Orla Kiely For Uniqlo Part Two

Sometimes life stutters and stops and sometimes it just flows. I can't decide which best describes my current state of play but things appear to be going in the right direction and I can't ask for much more than that.

After my weekend in Cornwall celebrating a friends wedding and relaxing in magical St.Ives, I feel ready to move forward and am excited for what lies ahead. I'm so thrilled to be embarking on a new internship.....found out yesterday, start Monday, could not be happier!

I think my mood shines through in these pics. It was a glorious autumn afternoon and we took a stroll up to Charlton House where we discovered this little alcove we hadn't seen before. Wearing my other Orla Kiely for Uniqlo dress was a no brainer - these dresses are so easy wearing and meant I was able to don my new faux fur fifties (i'm approximating) hat I found in a bargain bin in Cornwall. How much do you reckon I paid for it? Go on, have a guess. Okay, I tell ya, I tell ya......a mere one solitary pound. God I love a good bargain.

I received such a good response on my last Orla Kiely post with people not only admiring the dress but actually making a point of purchasing one (or several) for themselves. I must say, I'm pretty tempted to invest in a couple more pieces myself but funds are so low at present (weekends in Cornwall are expensive) so my wants will have to wait.

The faux snakeskin bag is a purchase from many moons ago. It's one of those purses I don't use very regularly but seems to come in handy when you least expect it - I particularly love it with this outfit and its compact size makes it a great 'going out' bag.

I wish I could say the shoes were fake too but in my defense they are truly ancient (over a decade old) and have been re-heeled about half a dozen times, which not only makes them a great investment and keeps the cobbler in business but is surely better than buying a new non-leather pair that will be eventually end up in a landfill somewhere. Less waste in the long run and all that.


If you've made any Orla Kiely for Uniqlo purchases too please do let me know and send me a link to your post... I love to ogle pretty dresses and prints.

Oh yes, and I'm am way guilty of including about ten photos too many in this post. Guilty as charged. But hey, count yourself lucky, as I took about ten more out;)

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