Schoolgirl Style

Time certainly runs away with you when you're on a full time schedule. Not that I'm complaining mind because I kinda thrive with routine...I realise that makes me sound like a total bore but after being a touring actor for several years, sad as it is, routine is something I crave.

Typical timing though - I'm fighting off a stinking cold, which is making me feel like rubbish, hence the muted mood of these images. Boohoo, poor me. It'll take more than that to stop me going to work though, or indeed blogging. I'm determined to get this blogging/work balance off to a good start, although I'm pushing it with this Wednesday post.....

My style at work is definitely more comfort based dressing than anything else. Obviously I like to put a little effort in and seeing as I'm surrounded by extremely well turned out Ladies (and Gents!), I feel it's only fair that I should embrace my fashionable environment.

My current haircut has acted as a massive influence on what I'm wearing recently. Mostly I'm digging sixties silhouettes and shades - oh, and I am totally obsessing over tights. How people are still rocking about in bare legs is beyond me but more power to ya if you're able to brave the cold and still look fabulous. Me? I'm one for wrapping up and staying warm, and with so much incredible leg wear available, keeping warm has never been so fun.

In fact, H&M provided me with so much stocking inspiration the other day, I snapped up a cream 'woolly' pair that I know is totally going to revolutionise my winter wardrobe. These super grey ribbed pair from M&S were a little freebie from fashion week and I'm pretty much in love them; comfortable, warm and versatile, bingo! Yep, I can safely say my stocking obsession shows no signs of stopping so expect quite a few more tights centered posts in the near future.

what i'm wearing....grey tights/m&s...dress/ cotton top/zara...booties/office...spectacles/gok wan for specsavers