New Boots. Same old Wardrobe.

It's November in London, which means it's getting pretty darn cold. Staying warm, therefore, is my top priority with fashion taking a supporting role. As is evident from these set of photos, not only am I wrapped up to the max, I'm also wearing garments you will be more than a little familiar with - I'm fairly certain I've featured each of these items at least once before.

Thankfully I don't feel obligated to wear an entirely new outfit for every post even though I do have a wardrobe full of clothes that have never graced the pages of the blog. I would say this is something I'd like to redress but in truth I think seeing how someone reworks items has its value. It's certainly something Mary Quant approved of....

Fashion is a game and it is fun to work out the different ways  of wearing different garments.

...and working out this 'jigsaw puzzle' is something I take great pleasure in - and absolutely my idea of fun.

I do love adding pieces, whether it be accessories or otherwise, to my already existing 'life uniform' that I know will only enhance it, and these boots are just that - wardrobe enhancers. Why? Well, for one, I am very particular about the height of my everyday heel. Flats are great and all but sometimes you need a bit of a lift, preferably without the agony of full on heels. Some people might be able to do a full days work in two and a half inch heels but I'm not one of them.

These boots are the perfect height for me. I can wear them all day long without so much as an ache or pain and even though I've only owned them for a fortnight they've already become a staple; paired with jeans, dress, skirts and just about anything in my wardrobe. Black boot wonders.

what i'm wearing....skirt/vintage...scarf/can't remember...jacket, tights and boots/h&m...bag/nica...hat/vintage...gloves/accessorize

Okay, so now that you've seen how often I wear certain items I think I owe you a pretty, never before seen, dress. Whaddya say I throw a little vintage  number into the mix next time? I have two recent purchases I have in mind for another post.....seventies and eighties galore! For now though, back to the fashion puzzle.