Ebay Bids and Vintage Wall Clocks

I like my home to reflect my taste and appearance. It seems odd to me that anyone would think they shouldn't emphatically go together - I mean, if anywhere, you should look at place in your own home. Unsurprisingly I enjoy surrounding myself with accoutrements (I like that word) mainly from the Fifties and Sixties - or at the very least, items that take a lead from those eras and fit in with the general vintage decor vibe.

We'd been searching for a wall clock for quite a while before finding this one on ebay - it still has its uses even though I've virtually abandoned it for clothing purchases - and we instantly fell in love with it.

Westclox have a very distinctive Fifties/Sixties design. Almost archetypal. I adore the range of colours and very nearly went for a yellow one, however, this blue clock won out  in the end. I thought it would have more visual pop on the wall. Plus, we got it for a steal because the guy selling it wasn't sure if it still worked, as it was missing the plug. We took the risk and luckily it's all in good order and just needs a longer cable at the back, which is easily sorted.

If you fancy a wonderful Westclox clock yourself, there is currently a similar one up for grabs on ebay. Whatcha waitin' for.....hop to it and GET BIDDING!