Salvaged Style

Having just emerged from the haze of a brief internet-free existence it has become abundantly clear that I can live perfectly well without the aid of food blogs, reality vlogs and prolific (and pointless?) interweb fashion window browsing (I like to think I'm an expert in looking but never buying).  I'd like to say my absence was deliberate, a calculated decision to remove myself from this crazy blogging business but alas it took a particularly useless delivery man, coupled with some seriously diabolical customer service to leave us rendered high and dry in the internet stakes.

It was actually a particularly good opportunity to get au fait (again - remember the days without this internet melarkey?) with what is known as 'real life' and not too shabby it is too. Interacting with people face to face ain't so bad really, and I quite enjoyed not feeling the need to take photos of everything I ate, wore and otherwise.

With that said, both Hubby and I might have succumbed to a little victory dance in our now entirely Christmas clad living room when the modem finally turned up tonight. Just in time for the run up to the Holidays, when I plan on getting jiggy with this little space again starting with this outfit, which I like to call 'salvaged' given it's charity shop/vintage credentials.

See this coat? Six pounds and fifty pence I paid for this purple beauty. Pre-loved and perfect is what I say! I'm also a sucker for tartan, mustard and hats - this vintage red one has been with me for so many winters, it just doesn't seem like Christmas without it. Salvaged style will always be where it's at as far as I'm concerned. As much as I love new things, nothing gives me a greater thrill than finding a second hand gem. Although I do like to keep a stock of basics - t-shirts, long sleeved tops, polo necks, shirts and vests plus plain bottoms - in order to keep my vintage pieces looking fresh.

I also like to do regular clear outs and we recently bagged up a colossal amount of clothing, which we'll be taking to charity shop before we leave for Ireland (Christmas in the homeland baby!) and I gotta tell you it feels good to have a pared down wardrobe with only my most treasured pieces. Sometimes I think we hang on to things for the sake of it. Maybe we like it but it doesn't fit so well or think it might come in handy or about a billion other excuses you care to come up with.

what i wore....coat/sue ryder....tartan shirt/beyond retro....cardi/h&m...scarf/putney....jeans/fishboy....booties/office....bag/ vintage hat/kingly court

I say, get rid and keep that clothing karma flowing....remember, one woman's trash is another woman's, 'oh my gosh, this is the perfect dress/coat/whatever'. Take the pre-Christmas plunge and expunge (see what I did there?!) all that crapola from your closet. Start the New Year with a clear mind and a more simplified collection of threads.

And so the holiday season officially begins.....