Vintage Jackpot!

And A Very Happy New Year To You All!

I spent the evening with my family, celebrating at The City Hotel in Derry and enjoying the fireworks, which were accompanied by one of my Sister's tracks. It was all pretty emotional if I'm being truthful. We are just all so proud of everything she has achieved and to hear her song being played alongside The Undertones and other local artists was simply thrilling. In case I haven't mentioned before her name is Mairead and her album Songbook will be released this year. Now that I've done my bragging duty we can talk resolutions..... of my resolutions (amongst the many I have vowed to keep this year) is to try and stay away from fast fashion (this is NOT going to be easy!) and only indulge in vintage, charity shop finds and sustainable clothing (gulp). I got off to a pretty good start with this polka dot blouse, which was a Christmas gift from my Mother. I love the fact she sourced something with sustainability in mind and it's a bonus that I happen to completely adore it.

The perfect dotty shirt has so far eluded me so I can't believe my Mum managed to find an organic one in just the right shade and shape. Talk about a Jackpot - which just happens to be the name of brand, geddit?! I now have my eye on several things in the range and because they are mostly made from organic cotton etc. I will actually be able to indulge my shopping whim.

The Kodak Brownie heavily featured in the photos is one of the presents I gave Hubby for Christmas. We can't wait to try it out for real when we get the film for it in London. I will absolutely be taking some blog'll be real deal vintage instead of filters, 'cited! I believe this is one of the earliest models and it's in pretty good nick. I couldn't resist putting it in virtually every photo....perhaps a little overkill but what the hey, eh?

what I'm wearing....sleeveless top/vintage....brown polka dot blouse/jackpot....flared jeans/gap....brown brogues/charity shop....faux pearls/superdrug