Food and Fashion Highlights 2012

Can you believe today is officially the last day of Christmas. We've eeked it out to the bitter end but will reluctantly be taking down the tree and decorations today. Whilst I'm sad to say goodbye to a wonderful holiday I am excited about what the future holds so it seems only too appropriate to look back on what has been another fun year in blogging terms, as well as a pretty eventful year professionally also - I'm one step closer to a full time job in fashion with my new placement at the Financial Times starting next week:)

This was the first year I started blogging my outfits, so you'll find here a mix of my food and fashion highlights, such as they are. I'm not going to talk much about the style posts other than to say dressing up (even when I'm dressing down) has always given me immense pleasure. I'm sure these aren't the best outfits I've worn all year (I wear a lot of trousers even if these images say otherwise) but I'm not one for photographing everything I wear - life does get in the way of that for sure - but what is abundantly clear is that.....I loves me some colour!
Food wise, this year has been a tricky one. I still cook from scratch every night but capturing those meals in the dark is pretty much pointless. This should change with the new camera light Hubby gave me for Christmas. You could say my main blogging aim for this coming year is to create more food posts. Not only because I thoroughly love writing/photographing them but also because I know they are well received - believe it or not my most popular blog post this year was my smoky toasty vegan quesadilla. That's right, a Brussels Sprouts recipe was top of the pops, crazy isn't it?

On the personal front, it's all about making our flat more 'us', saving money so that we might be able to put a deposit down on a property at some point soon and just generally relishing every minute with my Husband and Family because really, when it comes down to it, that's what makes me happy. Forget burning ambitions and dreams of a successful career, Family and home life will always be my priority. That doesn't mean I won't be making music(getting back into my violin playings kids!), learning to dance(laban here I come....) and sharpening my acting skills(i'm thinking a masterclass in method?!) because that's all happening too. But you can only do those things if you have your priorities straight and I think for once I can safely say I do.

2013. I own you

smoky toasty vegan quesadilla