Snow Day!

Let's be honest, dressing for the snow can be a bit of a bitch, particularly when you take into consideration the different stages - light drift, heavy fall, dangerously icy. In my opinion it's the most difficult weather in which to remain even moderately stylish. Layers are really your only option but I try to keep it as pared down as I possibly can, as I loathe feeling too trussed up.

So when Sunday brought snow with it, I decided to opt for something other than the jeans and jumper I was tempted to throw on (we all have those days!) and instead wear a little vintage skirt that only gets a very rare outing. It's covered in very long limbed people and reminds me of the Roksanda Ilincic SS 13 collection.

Obviously I'm not entirely mental (skirts in the snow?) and my 200 denier tights kept my legs from turning into blocks of ice, as well as the uber long socks that were a Christmas gift from my Mother - at full length they almost reach my thighs!

Then there's the green coat. A mainstay of my wardrobe, this green coat has been with me from my University days (i.e. a loooooong time) and even though I don't wear it very often I like to keep it around in case of whims like these. I love the shade and shape, and it's amazingly warm, which is kind of a bonus when you're in the middle of a mild snow storm.

Finally we come to the perennial question of 'what the heck do I wear on my feet in the snow?!!!'. The answer to which I will always say boots, wellies or, if you are very sensible, those hiking shoe thingy ma jigs - my Husband is one such sensible bod and he rarely falls in the snow/ice. Whilst I do possess a rather wonderful pair of wellies from Seasalt, they are blue and covered in costume clad swimmers, which I thought would be a clash too far for the outfit. Luckily for me, my Sister now lives with us (yay for combined wardrobes!) so I was able to nab her classic black 'rainboots' whilst she was out of town - she can't say nuffin' because she's been wearing my purple coat, ha!

Oh, and how could I almost forget to mention my new vintage acquisition that cost me a mere two pounds. The bargain mistress continues her reign.

what i'm wearing....coat/topshop....skirt/vintage....sweater/pull and bear....scarf/steven madden(tkmaxx)....hat/forever 21....tights/tabio....socks/avoca....bag/vintage(clocktower market)....mustard gloves/h&m...wellies/borrowed from my Sister, ahem!