Vegan Valentines

Valentines Day doesn't have to be a totally commercial 'hallmark' holiday. You can make it special in a few small ways throughout the day, and show the person you love how much they mean to you in the best possible way - through food! Without a doubt, food is an incredibly powerful, emotive way to display your affection.  We're not going out for a three course restaurant meal this year but I will sprinkle my vegan love throughout the day. Here are five ways you can make your Valentines Day deliciously vegan and wonderfully romantic..... Let's begin with breakfast. This peanut butter, banana and chocolate baked oatmeal recipe is the perfect start to Valentines Day - and that's not just my opinion. Topped with a fresh strawberry, it's a cheeky opener to this special day.

Valentine's is the perfect excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast (check), lunch and dinner, and if it contains avocado....well then, it's practically an order! This chocolate avocado pudding is a nutritious little stunner that will have him/her guessing what the crucial ingredient is. Topped with another strawberry? Oh, go on!

A mid afternoon sweet treat is a super cute Valentine's gesture. These gluten free fig and rose cupcakes are a favourite of mine. Delicately flavoured and really simple to make, you could easily whip up a small batch in time for the 14th!

There's no better way to end this sweet filled day than with a slice of raw vegan cherry bakewell cheesecake. I know Hubbie wouldn't say no to a serving or two of this creamy layered beauty - good thing it errs on the right of healthy too! Now that's how I show my love on Valentines,  how about you?