London Fashion Week/Day One

Today marked the first day of London Fashion Week. After only two seasons I'm hardly a pro but I'm becoming more au fait with the whole thing and feel slightly less uncomfortable in the high fashion surroundings of Somerset House.

What I have realised in my short time going to shows is that comfort and warmth should take priority over everything else....well, perhaps not everything else but you get my drift. What with it being February, London is still pretty chilly so I opted for a mega fluffy hat (which you've seen before, yawn!) and a quilted lumberjack style jacket that'll help keep (and did keep) me cosy when queuing for shows.

My theory was proved correct when I had to wait an hour for the PPQ show before being turned away along with half the people waiting. Luckily I managed to get inside the venue to watch the show in the small cinema room next to the runway - small consolation for not being able to see my first show of the season!

Tomorrow should be a better day - I'm particularly looking forward to Henry Holland and I'll be sure to get to the venue early this time because I am not missing my first ever House of Holland show, no siree.

So, simple was the order of the day. Pared down (minus the hat) and pretty casual with a touch of lumberjack - tomorrow I may feel the need to don a skirt. Y'know, just to balance things out a little.

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what i shirt/vintage....indigo flared jeans/gap....jacket/vintage....hat/ bally (pregan)