London Fashion Week/Day Two

And we have lift off! After yesterday's slow start, today proved to be a great day in all respects...plenty of shows were attended including Daks, Clements Ribeiro, Jasper Conran, John Rocha and Henry Holland. If you're wondering where all the catwalk pictures are, I will definitely be doing a mini 'from a humble spectators point of view' round up at the end of fashion week although I have put a few on my instagram should you wish to take a peek.

In the meantime you'll have to make do with more daily outfit pics. I'm actually quite impressed we managed to quickly snap these before I headed out this morning because it was early - too early for taking photos that's for sure!

Even though I do have plenty of images of myself on this blog, you may be surprised to hear I'm not 100% at ease in front of the lens...the photographic lens that is, I have no qualms about being filmed as long as I'm playing a part. I guess that's the attitude I take when posing (and let's be honest, it is posing!) for blog pics. If I didn't take on some sort of role I'd never be able to do it.

It also helps that my Husband is the photographer and there is no one else hanging around to witness the ridiculousness. At Somerset House (the scene of London Fashion Week) there are a silly amount of people taking photos of all the street style - it's a little disconcerting and a recipe for making you feel reasonably self conscious. I think the best way to describe it is excruciating. I suppose I should be happy someone would like a photo but I find it awkward to say the least. Oh how I wish I could turn it on for the camera at those moments but no, I become a grimmacing moron and thus delightful photographs end up on the interweb of me looking dreadful (that rabbit in the headlights has nuthin' on me!).

So, my aim for tomorrow is this. Should someone be kind enough to request a photo (it is a compliment after all) I will do simply We'll soon put that rabbit to bed.

what i'm wearing......everything second hand/vintage