London Fashion Week/Day Three

Third day in and I am feeling the burn! Tomorrow will be doubly difficult because I'll have to combine work and shows but it's certainly worth it.

This then is today's outfit offering - again, everything vintage 'cept the trews which are very old mango and were actually the result of a swap I did with my Sister. I was having a bit of an 'arrrrgggh, what the heck am I going to wear!' kind of day, so went with some tried and trusted favourites like these flat brogues and coat/cardi. It was a wee but nippy out there so I threw a beret and scarf in my bag, which came in handy later on.

Show wise, I started with Margaret Howell. I've been wanting to see a Margaret Howell show forEVER and it did not disappoint - lots of cool clean staples in fabulously flattering shapes and lengths, all of which I want but will most likely never own, such is life.

Matthew Williamson was a surprising one for me because the pastel printed bohemian vibe clothing he is famed for isn't really my style but boy did his recent A/W13 collection float my boat. Bold block colours in wonderful shades and for someone who likes to design floaty garments, his contemporary structured offerings are right up my street. Lot's of polo neck were present too, which is another major tick from me.

In between shows I managed to get around a few of the exhibitions and stumbled upon a wonderful brand called Beautiful Soul that sells the most gorgeous dresses. Everything is 'Made in England' (we likey) and they are soon to be experimenting with a material made entirely from plastic bottles (we likey even more). Apparently Kristen Davies is a fan, and they also have the seal of approval from the lovely Ms. Livia Firth, Queen of the eco-fashion movement amongst the A Listers.

Now though, I must get some shut eye before having to do it all again tomorrow. Whoever said fashion was easy, eh?!