London Fashion Week/Day Four

Penultimate day folks! And as much as I love London Fashion Week, I honestly can't wait for things to return to normal. I had a stupidly early wake up call this morning because I wanted to get a few things sorted at work before heading over to Peter Pilotto at the Topshop Showspace in Tate Modern, which luckily for me is about a five minute walk, if not shorter. Smug mode.

I particularly loved the cropped puffas but wondered if they were filled with down - that's always a bummer....there were a few striking dresses worn very well by the lovely Miss Cara Delevingne too. Then it was onto Louise Gray. Crazy? Of course. Wearable? Mostly. Oh so very London? I should say so. Well, as long as you live East and hang out with all the cool kids; the models wore plastic bags as hair accessories, what more can one say.

Then it was the turn of Fashion East (Claire Barrow, Ryan LO and Ashley Williams - google them), again in Tate Modern, and this was a little unexpected show stopper for me. I have to admit to not being very familiar with any of the designers. Ashley Williams was perhaps my favourite of the three and to be honest, it was the Elvis printed dresses that sealed the deal.

As far as my own style went, it was a workday (not that that means anything really) so I went for another pair of staple trousers that I quite honestly could not live without. As soon as I have a bit more (read 'any') disposable cash I am investing in another pair of these because they are simply amazing - high waisted, perfect leg length and very flattering. American Apparel is the tops.

Unusually for me I wasn't wearing any vintage! It just happened by accident I guess. The blue boxy top is one of my bargain finds from Zara. I found it on a sale rail for three quid in Belfast and I wear it way too often. It's great over shirts, polos and long sleeved tops, plus the length is super with high waisters - skirts and trousers alike.

So, tomorrow is the last day and right now I haven't given my outfit a second thought. Sometimes it's better that way. Over-thinking outfits can often spell disaster. Generally speaking I'm a go with the flow girl and usually just see how the mood takes me. One more day of fashion show fun before the circus moves on to Milan - God love those journalists that have to do all four, more power to ya!

what i wore....polo/ apparel....coat/urban outfitters....socks/