Cliff Notes

I spend a lot of time fantasizing about our life in Cornwall. There was very little I didn't love about living in that glorious part of the world and even though London is special too I can't help but think the lifestyle I now crave isn't a city one. I own a surfboard goddmammit and I want to use the damn thing!

It's true to say you can get lost in a city, especially London. I know I've had many moments when I don't have a second to catch my breath nevermind focus on what it is I want out of life - because surely there's more to it than climbing the career ladder?

Luckily my Husband feels the same way and we have a sort of loose plan to make sure we're out of the big smoke and back down to Cornish lands as soon as we possibly can. That is, when we've done a little of what we came back here to achieve, made a bit of money (chance would be a fine thing) and purged all those city vices out of our system - we're getting there, very slowly and not always surely but we're definitely trying.

So when Seasalt sent me a delightfully nautical and oh so Cornish parcel a few weekends ago it got me thinking again about everything we're missing by being here. It was like a little taste of home (I might be Irish but Cornwall is my spiritual home) and the perfect antedote to my current situation, which mostly involves high fashion, not much of which is attainable to me or even terribly appealing.

Because as much as I love fashion, and there are many designers and brands I admire and, yes, even obsess about (I'm looking at you Margaret Howell), the clothing I feel most comfortable in is well designed casual clobber. Give me jeans over a fancy schmancy dress any day of the week. Pea green jeans with just the right amount of stretch and high enough so that not even a peep of panty is on show? Even better.

Seriously though, what is with the low slung style that is so popular nowadays?! I'm sure those girls spend half the day hoicking their jeans up lest they end up round their ankles. Let it be known that knick knicks are a no no. These jeans, on the other hand, are just the right side of fashionable without being on the wrong side of trendy. Already they have become my 'go-to' trousers because they go with just about anything (blouses, sweaters, t-shirts) and are smart enough even for the office.

I couldn't resist pairing them with a breton style t-shirt for this semi-impromptu shoot, just to make the whole thing uber, whilst standing in one of Charlton House's many grand rooms. The bag was sheer coincidence. I had used it to pack my costumes for the short film we are currently shooting, so thought I'd throw it in for good measure. And the scarf? Well, it's just perfect, how could I not?!

This is exactly the kind of outfit I would wear when I lived in Penzance but is a super City look too. I think stripes and jeans are just a classic ensemble wherever you are. I am so delighted with these trousers, I can't thank Seasalt enough for kindly sending me a pair - as they say in Liverpool, 'i'm made up'.

what i'm wearing....pea green 'cliff' trousers c/o Seasalt....bag/scarf also Seasalt....breton top/h& sweater/gap....brogues/m&co....headscarf/tabio....leopard print socks/primark