Baggy Trousers

I'm not sure these trousers could be any baggier - i'm almost in MC Hammer territory but I'll be damned if I care. I was so chuffed when I came across these bad boys in a much needed charity shop haul last Saturday I couldn't contain my excitement and had to wear them out in East London for a friends birthday shindig. There was me all excited about my street urchin get up when some guy at the bar tried to pay me a 'compliment' by telling me how much he loved my '1930's school marm attire'.....erm, thanks?! That's what I get for not wearing a bodycon dress i guess.

Anywho, doesn't put me off them in the slightest and even though they might make my bottom half look disproportionately bigger than my upper, these uber baggy trousers are seriously floating my boat right now so I shall keep on wearing 'em until I get bored.

It's been a while since we had a wander around this lovely park. It even has an animal area full of peacocks, deer (bambi ones!), horses, chickens, goats and other little lovelies I could admire all day long. It's not a zoo type situation I hasten to add.

Why do weekends have to fly by so goddamn quickly? Seriously, I feel like life doesn't stand still for one second - or at least enough for me to catch my breath. Luckily, we have a Cornwall trip planned for the upcoming Easter break and I am counting the days - it's 12 in case you're interested. I need to see the sea, be in the sea and generally be near the sea. What in the heck am I doing in the city, can you tell me that?

what i'm wearing....trousers/toast(secondhand)....striped top/billabong....cardi(underneath)/old navy....jacket/ and beret/h&m....socks/tabio....belt/dunnes stores....bag/vintage