What's in my bag

I must be the last blogger on the planet to do one of these posts. I haven't been avoiding it but to be honest it never really crossed my mind to open up my own bag to the viewing public. For some reason though, the other day (specifically, yesterday), I came home from meeting my friend, emptied the contents of my vintage bargain bucket satchel on the bed and took some snaps of the contents.

The colour co-ordination aspect surprised even myself - I clearly like red! I can also verify that nothing here has been planted, it really is what I had in my purse.....the paperclips are there because they come in very handy. In fact I was using them as makeshift clamps for a shoot I was on a while back. See? Handy.

I'm never without a pack of tissues and this Russian Doll clad pack are just too cute, I couldn't resist buying them. Ditto lipbalms/sticks. I feel ever so slightly vulnerable if I don't have a bright lippy on me - you know, for those unexpected moments when you need to add a little glam. I actually use the pots of colour for my cheeks, they are great blusher substitutes and blend really nicely. Lipbalm - well, who doesn't have one of those in their bag?!

My iphone is my life. Yes, I am a self confessed addict when it comes to all things Apple and indeed all things social media - just try and take my instagram offa me and you'll see what happens! Oh, and my Peter Jensen print screen saver is an instagram pic I took at my very first London Fashion Week (Feb 2012, in case you're wondering) - it was the wallpaper in the cafe, tres cool, no?

I'm kinda old school when it comes to my money storage. I like coin purses for my change and a small wallet for my paper money and cards. What can I say, it works for me and I'm not sure I could go back to a gigantic all encompassing purse come wallet come brick in my bag. I have 'em, I just choose not to use 'em.

My keyrings are an accumulation of memories. I've always wanted a Citroen Dolly so my Husband bought me a mini one in the meantime - unfortunately it's lost almost all its wheels and headlights now but I'll probably still be using it when it's just a carcass. The Cath Kidston dotty keyring was a gift and I bought 'The Cat in the Hat' one when I was at Universal Studios in Florida.

Obviously I would be in serious trouble without my spectacles. I swap and change the styles but I would be lost without a pair in my bag. And the teabag? Well, being vegan I err on the side of caution, which means carrying random food/drink items with me just in case I find myself in a situation where there are no eating or drinking options for me to partake in. Therefore, I can whip out my green tea (or whatever else I happen to have on me at the time) and be, y'know, social. This particular tea is a longtime favourite of mine and it's comforting just knowing it's close by should I fancy an impromptu sup.

what's in my 'vintage' bag.....kleenex tissues/Jackson's of Piccadilly Green Tea with Lemon/Inika creme colour for lips and cheeks/Lavera Lipbalm/Barry M 'Lip Paint' lipstick/Assortment of Keyrings/Specsavers Glasses 'Bunty'/iphone/paper clips from The Works/fabric wallet/coin purse