Vivesoy, Vivejoy

If you visit this blog regularly you'll know I'm pretty selective about the products I recommend. But, when I do come across something I believe to be blog worthy I have no qualms in giving it a well deserved thumbs up - and this new (to me) soya milk brand most certainly warrants a pat on the back. Up until now we've had a pretty limited selection here in the UK when it comes to soya milk, with only one major brand being at the forefront, so it's great to finally have more choice.

Whilst I love to mix up my plant milks I always have a carton of soya in the fridge - I refuse to give up my morning tea, I only have so many vices left! Obviously too much of anything is never good but i'm happy with the balance we have in our own diet. We tried two different Vivesoy milks - unsweetened and cappuccino (i'm sucker for anything coffee flavoured), and were super impressed with both.

My problem with most soya milks is the sometimes unpleasant aftertaste, even with flavoured milks. Genuinely, hand on heart, not the case with this one. I'm so ridculously over the moon with their cappuccino flavour soya milk (which I served over ice, 'iced-coffee' style and in an 'ice-cream' float - yes, I went there) I'm in danger of becoming addicted .....seriously could not stop drinking this stuff and will have to stock up the next time I see it in Tesco for sure. Not much can satisfy my iced-coffee cravings other than a Starbucks (feel free to wrap me over the knuckles) but this is as close as it gets.

The other big soya milk hurdle for me is how well it works in tea. Being a total tea drinking nut I need a milk that is sufficiently thick and pourable, and this brand ticks both boxes and more. Oh, and my Husband insisted I mention how easy to pour the carton is - a little bugbear of his (p.s. he didn't want me to feature his hand - ha, too bad). So yeah, what can I say's a goodun!