Breton Stripes

Following on from my previous post, I believe we have settled on a decision with regards to our possible move to Cornwall. Having a space like this to think aloud is a Godsend and trust me when I say your comments (here and on facebook) and responses always help - really they do, so thank you!

You may have already guessed from my nautical attire that we are destined for the coast and truthfully we cannot be happier. I actually feel like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders. We haven't as yet set a date but we have a loose plan to be out of London by the end of summer - meaning we get to enjoy the last few good weeks of the year in Cornwall. I can't wait to get back on my board and I'm so excited about renewing my love for ashtanga yoga's gonna be good, y'all!

I know my style will become more casual when we exit the city. It's only natural and I'm getting in the swing of things early by donning my brand new Breton top which I bought on our recent trip to Brittany. Okay, so I bought it on the ferry but it's still authentic - I even went in for their traditional 'Picasso' style, which I've been after for an age. Too bad they didn't have it in red too - maybe next time.

Believe it or not this is an extra small (Lord knows what the large is like - must be made for giants!) and I adore the shape. The brand is Captain Corsaire and compared to most Breton brands they are very reasonable as well as being fantastic quality. I had actually planned to visit the Armor Lux factory store when we were over in France (there's one near my in-laws) but we just didn't have time in the end. Ugh, one day I will manage a trip to that place but until then I'm perfectly happy with my Picasso.