Picnic Pair

Taking mini time outs is the only thing keeping us sane at the moment. Hubbie is working more than ever (not complain', just sayin') so entire days are an impossibility right now.

Today we sneaked out for a couple of hours to have a boozy picnic in the park - fresh fruit and sparkling (pink!) wine...it was perfect.

Thank goodness the weather was hot enough to have a little sunbathe - not so much as a chill in the air, I was very impressed. Could this be the beginning of summer? I can only hope so because I for one am sick to death of this godawful rain.

If it weren't for the close proximity to Charlton House I think we'd have gone a bit bonkers by now - in absence of any outside space of our own this has become our salvation, as well you know seeing as I bang on about it so much!

Our heads are already half in Cornwall although we're trying to enjoy what is left of our London life. But when sea, sand and surf beckons it can be hard to remain in the present.

I'm sure everyone has this problem - remembering to live in the moment. Today though, we were able to do just that. It was nice.