Thrifted Threads & Vintage Cars

So it's probably obvious by now I'm struggling to keep my blog posts as regular as they used to be. I'm not going to complain about being busy but a few more minutes in the day would be welcome. Luckily my current placement is full on in the best possible way and I'm getting to write to my hearts content, which suits me just fine - if you're interested you can pop over to the Hunger Magazine website to have a gander at some of my articles (my name should be at the top of each piece I've contributed).

As much as I adore fashion, it's actually been wonderful being able to write about my other loves - art, music and film - and I've learned that I could quite happily spend the majority of my time rattling away on the keyboard. I'm also learning it's okay to call myself a writer. It still doesn't feel completely natural to say it but I'm starting to apologise less for my existence, and have discovered a new found confidence in my abilities. It's been a long time coming I can tell you!

Anyway, the uber long days do take me away from here - mainly because evenings with my Husband have become so precious ...I also had my Mum visiting last week, which made blogging pretty much an impossibility. Like all things though, I'm trying to not necessarily find a balance but create one. With our impending move to Cornwall inching nearer, however, I fear I may be setting myself up for failure already.

And the photos? All taken over the last month and visible on my instagram account (yes, still obsessed) and featuring vintage cars I'd love to own and mostly wearing thrifted clothing from various charity shops. Until next time!