Sitting Pretty

Who says country living has to mean wellies and shorts?! My absolute go-to item will always be the dress... even when trundling off to the beach via a precarious path that sometimes results in tripping and landing in a pile of stinging nettles. True story.

Unperturbed (that's the country girl in me, innit) we battered on regardless and found ourselves on a surprisingly busy 'secret' beach. Okay, so which moron let the cat out of the bag? Seriously though, there are some pissed off Cornish peeps that would actually like to know - I guaranteed them I would not reveal the location of said place, lest it become even more crowded. Also, word of warning visitors - those cliffs you were chilling under? Yeah, prone to collapsing. Just sayin'. If I were you i'd be relaxing nearer the shore and not the wall of death.

I also read today (maybe it was Harpers Bazaar?) that Leith Clark (stylist extraordinaire) loves a good dress herself so I seem to be in excellent company on this one. Yes, you occasionally may compromise your dignity when climbing certain rambling paths, however, you will be able to move with more ease than in a pair of jeans... believe me, I've tried both and the dress wins every time. Or at least, until Autumn comes in earnest and I can no longer take the breeze.

what i'm wearing... vintage dress/spitalfields market... sandals/dorothy perkins... headscarf/lush