Camper Cooking Pt.2... Vegan Berry Breakfast Sundae

Dealing with cramped conditions and limited cooking resources has meant me resorting to constructing dishes that require minimal (if any) cooking but still look and taste good. This breakfast 'Sundae' is a variation on a theme that I often put together on a lazy Sunday... and believe me when I tell you today was one of those Sundays!

Note the little jar which I spied in our favourite secondhand store in Penzance, the glorious Steckfensters. I could honestly spend hours rummaging through their wares but on this occasion we had limited time so it was a bit of a smash and grab affair in which I came away with this plus a super cute headscarf. I've been wearing a lot of headscarves lately  - another result of living in a camper... a headscarf hides a multitude and this little bob 'o mine needs a trim triminy big time.

Being away from London is such a reality check and the transition is harder due to the fact we haven't been able to find one flat I've even been remotely interested in living in. I've honestly felt like throwing a tantrum every time we've dealt an estate agent... if we have another week of fruitless searching I may just have a breakdown. Remember, we left a pretty adorable flat at an outrageously good price so I don't think we're asking for much but it seems to be an impossible task at this stage.

At least this breakfast/dessert dish helped take my mind off our property plight for a few minutes and can you believe what we have managed to find down here... vegan clotted cream!! Seriously, I almost squealed with excitement when I found it in Archie Browns (remind me why I'm moving to Falmouth when I clearly adore Penzance?). So now that we can fully partake in Cornish eating habits (Rowes do a very nice vegan pasty indeed) I feel like we are almost locals again. All we need now is a bloody flat.



sliced strawberries

soya yoghurt (this provamel orange-redbush flavour is my new obsession)

vegan granola (we like Dorset Cereals Oat Granola)

chopped nuts

hemp powder

chopped apricots

vegan clotted cream

agave nectar

... starting with the berries and followed by the granola, a little agave, apricots, chopped nuts, hemp powder and soya yoghurt - layer that bad boy up until your jar is full. Top with vegan clotted cream, smooshed strawberries, hemp powder, agave and a blueberry. Perfect.