Nautical Nora


I am a self confessed, out 'n' out, 'holding my hands up' nautical obsessed nutcase who can't seem to have enough stripes, straw or scarves in her wardrobe. And seeing as it's an affliction I can't seem to shake off I've taken the decision to fully embrace my current coastal location and put forth my very best off-season tourist look right through fall.... well, if you can't beat 'em and all that.


In fact (and I'm sure you may have noticed) my outfit posts have been few and far between over the last number of months and part of my reluctance has been down to my uniformic casual attire - which I don pretty much every day. Perhaps I just thought it wasn't terribly inspiring... jeans and Breton tops are hardly groundbreaking style decisions and even less so when you live in Cornwall. But! That is what you'll usually find me in and now that I've completed my third closet clearout of the year I almost feel free of the fashion shackles that were still lingering about from our previously busy London life. Now though, I can start afresh and keep my look pared now whilst hopefully still maintaining some modicum of personal style... I can but try.


With Margaret Howell lookbook images swirling about my head, as well as old school 'Mull of Kintyre era' Linda McCartney pics (check out Pinterest to see what I mean), my desire to refine my laid-back style has never been more pronounced. This 'woolly' cardi (hard to believe it's synthetic, I know - but it is!) is a mainstay in my wardrobe since we moved here last year. I honestly don't know how I would've survived without it and even though it's seen better days I downright refuse to part with it. Of course, the stripes are a given but I do find my eye wandering to colours other than blue or navy, and this real deal authentic sailor's top perfectly fits the bill. I'm now on the hunt for a yellow and/or orange version... hit me up if you know where I can find one!


what I wore... chunky cardi/urban outfitters ... flared jeans/gap ... sailor top/wild pony vintage ... brown lace-up shoes/charity shop ... straw bag/possibly primark ... headscarf/tabio... sunnies /accessorize ...



The flared jeans are another staple that I adore. As someone in possession of a rather shapely behind, buying jeans can be tantamount to torture so when I found these in Gap a number of years back I almost wept with joy at the fit. Even though I've since managed to source good jeans that flatter my shape, these will always have a special place in my heart.


Last but not least, the straw bag has been with me so long I barely remember even buying it... probably some highstreet store but there's no label on it so I can't be sure. This comes shopping with me and is great for grabbing in a hurry because you can fill it to the brim and it still won't weigh a ton (something the humble tote cannot claim). I never used this bag in London due to its easy access nature but now that we're here in Cornwall I feel safe enough to leave it open and not have to worry about wandering hands.


Again, the shoesies are ancient relics I can't bear to bin. I found them in a charity shop and almost shrieked with delight when I realised they're were pleather. Worn to death but still in good knick, I really dread the day when they officially bite the dust - such is the holy grail of decent, and dare I say 'cool', vegan shoes that don't cost the earth. Harumph.


Oh, and big shout out to my lovely Sister who took all of these lovely images. Only wish I had her around more often for equally easy and fun shoots.