Garlicky Butter Bean Toast Topper


Ah, bread. Or more specifically... ah, toast. It's a mainstay in most people's kitchens and nothing says comfort food like beans on toast. At least, if you live in the UK anyway. Right now I am in desperate need of comfort but because I'm ever conscious of providing myself with a healthy alternative I eschewed the usually sugar-ridden tinned variety for this garlicky butter bean option instead.


Possibly the most generously proportioned of all the beans (can you think of a larger variety?) the humble butter bean does not feature heavily in my weekly menu. I am currently questioning my reasoning on this one but I think it goes back to my childhood and being made to eat them in a weird chipolata and butter bean casserole at a friends house. It was not good. In fact, it pretty much scarred me for life. Hence the lack of butter beans in my diet.


However, I'm pleased to report that my prior butter bean blanket ban is about to change and it's all thanks to this simple toast topper that has quite literally transformed my once unfavorably biased butter bean stance into one of total obsession. As I type this I'm thinking about all the ways I can use them in future, and yes, one may just include a homemade 'Heinz Baked Bean' rip-off complete with colossal butter bean inclusion... what can I say, I loves me some beans on toast.


So eager was I to get this in my gob I may have spent very little time and effort getting 'the perfect shot' - I usually try not to be so starving hungry when photographing food but today I totally failed. I paired it with some dense rye bread that went perfectly with the creaminess of the butter beans. I also may have slathered it (as in the toast) in marmite too. Gotta get 'dem B Vitamins! Ideal brunch fodder, or in my case lunch, this easy recipe is the perfect way to let those beans shine whilst packing in your daily protein - I promise I don't always view my food in terms of nutritional value.


Any other butter bean phobes out there? May I kindly urge you to try this before ruling them out of your life completely? Just in case you're tempted, here's how you make 'em.



what you'll need

1 380g carton cooked butter beans

1 large spring onion

4 large chestnut mushrooms

handful of young spinach

3 cloves of garlic

olive oil

salt and pepper

flat leaf parsley


what you'll do

heat a tablespoon or so of olive oil in a small skillet.


finely chop the spring onion and add to the pan. gently cook over a medium for several minutes before adding the sliced mushrooms. season and sweat for several more minutes.


finely mince the garlic and add to the pan. let the flavours infuse for a few minutes.


drain and rinse the butter beans and add to the pan. season generously and heat through, stirring thoroughly so the ingredients are fully combined.


lastly add the spinach and let it gently wilt before adding a little more salt and pepper.


serve hot with some roughly chopped flat leaf parsley and sliced scallions.