Oat Milk 'n' Honesty


Hey folks, I feel like it's been a while since we had a proper catch up. So much has happened in the past six months I almost don't know where to begin and even though I've been posting reasonably regularly I guess I do hold back sometimes on the personal stuff ... I am the master of talking in riddles it would seem. With that said, here's what's happening in my life right now - beginning with oat milk.  

Okay, the 'oat milk' (as lovely as it is) is more of a segue into how I'm feeling about the blog at the moment. Basically, I'm procrastinating way too much before posting, which invariably means I just don't - I have many excuses ranging from 'the photos aren't good enough' through to 'haven't I done a similar recipe before?' or 'what exactly am I trying to say in this post?'... the list goes on and on. And yes, I see the awesome work other bloggers are doing right now and I feel my efforts are basically crap in comparison. Ego's are delicate little things and mine is no different ... let's just say, social media is both a blessing and curse. To counteract this (self-inflicted) negativity, I've tried to limit my 'follows' to only those who inspire me. In essence, I've basically deleted any and all that make me feel like a total 'daily' failure - guess what, this strategy actually works. If someone is totally bumming you out with their 'perfect life' - whether it's on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, press unfollow immediately and swiftly get on with your day, safe in the knowledge their next upload won't inevitably end up making you question your entire life choices to date. Simples.


The thing about social media is that you are basically in control of what you see, so if you surround yourself with people (virtually speaking) that trigger the worst in you then eliminate their presence from your life. For the sake of your sanity, click that 'unfollow' button, CLICK IT! Ahem.


We've established I want to blog more frequently - and, more importantly, not fret over my uploads too much. Yes, it's just oat milk but it's such a handy recipe to have up your sleeve ... and the pulp makes for one heck of a shake - think Ed's Diner (pre-vegan memories) without the guilt - my fav combo is oat milk (plus pulp), banana, raw cacao, pb, maca and medjool dates. Pretty much everything I post here is something I've eaten and enjoyed, meaning it hasn't been designed specifically for the blog. Remember, real life is so much better than a carefully constructed internet presence, which leads me nicely onto my favourite recent vlog/blog find, Mango Island Mamma. Um, hello?!! Why has nobody told me about this gal before? *raps collective internet knuckles* What a totally awesome chick - so content and sure of herself, and completely down to earth with it. Raising two adorable bambinos on a mostly raw vegan diet - I salute you missus, and I can confirm I'm now your newest number one fan. If, like me, you are tired of the usual internet rubbish and need something to truly feed your soul, go check out her blog and youtube channel ... mahalo.


The next thing weighing on my mind is our current flat hunting crisis - perhaps crisis is an exaggeration but I'm certainly starting to panic. Our landlord is selling the house we're currently renting, which means we are yet again on the move. Almost twelve years together and the longest we've lived anywhere is two years ... I can tell you it takes its toll. So far, so bad on the flat hunting front meant I was even willing to rid myself of most of my furniture (even the stuff that genuinely 'sparks joy') just so we could feasibly fit inside the only decent property we viewed. It ticked so many boxes (great kitchen, high spec finish, good location, amazing seaviews etc.) but was unfortunately the size of a shoebox. Given the fact I work from home most days meant that it was only a matter of time before I went stir crazy - and that is definitely not a pretty sight. My Husband was so desperate, however, he even suggested we sell the sofa (my indigo L-shaped mid-centuryesque pride and joy... uh, hell no!) and 'downsize' to fit the flat. Basically, not happening. I don't doubt we'll find somewhere suitable (patience is key) but in the meantime I'm left feeling (reeling?) in limbo - sat in a house I no longer feel is 'ours' and not knowing what the future holds ... and how much it'll cost.


Of course, all this pales in comparison when I think about what my poor Dad is going through. Eighteenth months on and he's still battling but it breaks my heart (and maddens in equal measure) to see what cancer can do to a person even when they have all the will in the world to live. I think feeling totally helpless is natural but the guilt that comes with living in another country is also difficult to bear ... we do what we can but my Mum is the one that has to deal with it on a daily basis. It's honestly incredible how well she has coped - they are both superstars in my eyes, and I feel lucky everyday to have such an incredible family. My Sister and I have been afforded every possible opportunity in life, which is all credit to my parents ... we were always encouraged to follow our dreams and without that kind of unflinching support I know we'd be in very, very different careers. Creativity has always been at the crux of our family unit - it's the only language we understand, and what a privilege that has been. How many people are in jobs they hate because their parents held them back whereas ours said 'reality be damned, aim for the stars' - but get your degree too, haha. That's the thing, as sad as we are about my Dad's illness we haven't spent a lot of time brooding on it - when we're together, we laugh, chat, eat (my family are currently all plant-based nommers), do all the things we normally would. Perhaps it's the elephant in the room but we never really dwell on the negatives and instead focus on everything we've achieved ... the prognosis was grim but we've beaten those odds and then some. Like I said to my Dad when the surgeon delivered the worst news we'll ever hear, it's not all doom and gloom - and I stand by that, I really do.


Apologies for getting so heavy on you guys but I thought you should know where I'm at right now. This has always been a 'safe space' for me and will continue to be so - in my opinion, honesty is always the best policy. Let's brighten the vibe then and get back to what I arguably do best ... simple, plant-based fodder that makes you smile. Onwards.


what you'll need

1 cup jumbo rolled oats

pinch of pink himalayan salt

1/2 tbsp agave or 1 tbsp maple syrup (or 2 medjool dates)


what you'll do

add the oats to a blender along with 2 cups of water (3 if you prefer a thinner consistency) along with the pink himalayan salt and agave.


blitz until smooth and then strain through a nut milk bag.


chill for at least an hour and serve.


perfect in porridge, poured over cereals or into coffee - or it's own!